Road Rats Motorcycle Club London History

No one is actually sure when the Road Rats Motorcycle club London formed, its history can be traced in an unbroken line back to the early 1960s. It started out as a street gang, like so many other clubs did in those days, and basically never grew up, or some might say never forgot the old values.

Now think on this a while, The Road Rats Motorcycle Club London:

Which ever way you look at it, it is an unrivalled pedigree. which all the members past and present, are extremely proud of, and one that most clubs can only dream about.

The Road Rats London are as the name suggests, based in London. although members do come from the outskirts, providing they don't mind the traveling. By its exclusive nature the Road Rats has never been a large club or a wealthy club. As we don't normally put on shows or events or sell support products, so we don't have to present a false public relations image for profit. We are a club that is proud of its unique heritage and what it has achieved, and has not lost old style club values. Another point to consider is that the club was formed in London and has remained in London, with no outside influences from America or Europe.

Over the years the club has been slagged off in the national press, for many criminal acts, as most of you know, the press seldom gets it even half right, and makes up or sensationalises the rest. The club has never denied that most of the charges laid against us happened. It's just been the way it has come across in the courts and press. Although there is no such thing as bad publicity, many people have only heard of the club via the press and from a stereotyped impression before they have got to know us personally.

Like every club the Road Rats have had its ups and downs, some might say more than most. There have been the incidences at Chelsea Bridge, Tiger's Head, The Queen Annie, Eel Pie Island, Stonehenge, Barry Island, Northampton, Cookham, Hastings, and dozens of other locations. Out of every negative action a club must either go under or get positive and go on and we are still here. The members and old ladies have persevered and survived events that would have broken lesser people.

At one time or another the Road Rats have pissed off nearly every major club in this country and many abroad. Although for many years now we have enjoyed a relatively peaceful co-existence with our former antagonists, and hopefully this will continue, in a spirit that can be built upon.

But we digress, the Road Rats started out as a street gang, and evolved into a motorcycle club. Then moved by the plight of the homeless and those who live in poverty in our capital city, decided to devote their lives to doing good deeds and acts of charitable kindness, for the poor and needy. And if you believe that you are more gullible than we thought, and are possibly confusing the Road Rats with another well known motorcycle club.

Come on did you really expect to learn about our history this easily. Its our history, we earned it, with the lives of our members, years of imprisonment, and with our blood, sweat and tears. To learn about this club takes a lot more than just surfing the Internet.

The main reason that we run the P.O. Box and have a Guest Book is so that we can be contacted, either by old friends, or potential new ones, to check out the scum bags who claim to be or have been Rats, or just to let us know what's happening in your area. You can also send in any photos of your old lady preferably in a state of undress, or any cash donations towards our drinking fund.

So if you have read this far, and want to know more. Then you will have to take it a little further and make some personal contact. It's a decision only you can make, your choice.

Flip a coin and call, maybe this time you might win.

If you disagree or take offence at any of the views and comments above, then the Road Rats Motorcycle Club London couldn't give a damn.